Are you a Good Person?
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A good explanation of God's gift of Salvation
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Testimony of the Most Valuable NBA Player of 2015 - Stephen Curry...

The MVP has ups and downs in his life, but he praises his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ the same... For his blessings are more than the trials that comes his way. He plays for Christ and he is doing it well to be a great inspiration to me and hopefully to the other Believers as well of his time... Wonderful video testimony with some few tricks to enjoy. So enjoy!

Jesus Christ in Qur'an...

If you are a Muslim and need to know the Truth, then you should watch this video. You can also verify from Qu'ran if what this guy is saying is true. By the way, this guy Guru of Qu'ran and has been raised to learn Qu'ran all his life. He also studied Arabic language to interpret Qu'ran in the most meaningful way.