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Who is Jesus in Quran?

posted May 3, 2016, 12:45 AM by Joseph Tee   [ updated May 6, 2016, 2:55 AM ]
Quran is considered the holy book of people who believe and practice Islam. Those who believe Islam mostly are Muslims. It is interesting to see how the Quran presents Jesus. A list below you can read...

Jesus is the Good News, the Word, the Messiah, the Life to come, Sinless, born of a virgin...

Quran, 3:45-47 - "Behold," the angels told Mary, "God has given you the glad news of the coming birth of a son whom He calls His Word, whose name will be Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, who will be a man of honor in this life and the life to come, and who will be one of the ones nearest to God.

He will speak to the people while in his cradle and preach to them when he will be a man. He will be one of the righteous ones.

(Mary) said, "How can there be a son for me when no mortal has touched me?" The angel replied, "That is how God creates whatever He wants. When He decides to do something He just orders it to exist and it comes into existence."

Jesus was born like Adam:

Quran, 3:59 - The case of Jesus with God is like the case of Adam.  He created him from dust, and then He said to him, “Be!” and he came into being.

Jesus performed miracles and raise someone from the dead:

Quran, 3:49 - I have come to you with a sign from your Lord.  I make for you the shape of a bird out of clay, I breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by God’s permission.  I heal the blind from birth and the leper.  And I bring the dead to life by God’s permission.  And I tell you what you eat and what you store in your houses....

Jesus and His followers will return to God in Heaven.

Quran, 3:55 - He told Jesus, "I will save you from your enemies, raise you to Myself, keep you clean from the association with the disbelievers, and give superiority to your followers over the unbelievers until the Day of Judgment. On that day you will all return to Me and I shall resolve your dispute.

Jesus is the miracle or hope of God for all people...

Quran, 3:55 - Into the woman who maintained her chastity We breathed Our Spirit and made her and her son a miracle for all people.

Muslims are commanded to believe the Bible:

Quran, 4:136 - Believers, have faith in God and His Messenger, the Book which is revealed to him, and the Bible which has been revealed before. Whoever refuses to believe in God, His angels, Books, Messengers and the Day of Judgment, has gone far away from the right path.

After the Quran gave a declaration that Jesus is from God and is God the True Deity (i.e., the Creator, the Source of Life, and ever-Living), then it contradicts it. When there's contradiction, meaning the Quran is not from God. For God is perfect and can't contradict itself. The True and Living God does not change either... Same as Jesus Christ.

Quran, 4:171 - People of the Book, do not exceed the limits of devotion in your religion or say anything about God which is not the Truth. Jesus, son of Mary, is only a Messenger of God, His Word, and a spirit from Him whom He conveyed to Mary. So have faith in God and His Messengers. Do not say that there are three gods. It is better for you to stop believing in the Trinity. There is only One God. He is too glorious to give birth to a son. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. God alone is a Sufficient Guardian for all.

The Quran tells that Jesus did not die on the cross... To say that Jesus did not die on the cross would mean He did not fulfill His Father's will, which is to die for the sins of all men. And Quran has no basis in saying so, since the Quran was only written after Muhammad's death (632 AD), the author of Quran. He did not live to see Jesus Christ unlike the apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ who witnessed the life of Christ and lived with Christ and thousands other witnesses. The same apostles also wrote the New Testament part of the Bible being inspired of God...

Quran, 4:157-157 - They said, “We killed the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of God.” They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but the likeness of him was put on another man (and they killed that man). God raised him up to Himself. God is Majestic and All-wise.


It's amazing to see that the Truth about Jesus Christ is also embedded in Quran. The way Jesus is presented in Quran certainly shows Christ's origin which is from God and His nature as being the Savior being the Messiah, which means He is God Himself and the Son of God... There is sure hope for Muslims to believe in Jesus as told in the Bible and even in their Quran for Jesus has done it all being the Messiah promised of God. Muhammad who never did a miracle, who was confused if it was the angel that spoke to him in the cave, who died a natural death and never came back to life again, whose origin is not known not even his mother, what kind of eternal security can he give? For he is also a man...

Jesus' pre-emminence even in Quran is clear. The Son of God,
the Messiah, the Word, the Creator, the Hope for all mankind, the One who can bring people to God, sinless and born of a virgin... In Jesus, one would just need to trust and believe Him and to turn away from his sins. Why? For Christ has done all the works on the cross of Calvary and has risen again to make His promise of life ever alive. And all we need is to believe...